Useful Books

Christy Adair : ‘Women and Dance: Sylphs and Sirens’ HQ1397.A1 (H.Owen library)
Sally Banes : ‘Dancing Women: Female Bodies on Stage’ GV1799.4.B2 (H.Owen library)
Martha Bremser : ‘50 Contemporary Choreographers’ GV1785.A1 (H.Owen library)
John Hodgson : ‘Mastering Movement: understanding Laban’ (Thomas Parry library) –on order
Janet Adshead-Lansdale & June Layson (eds.): ‘Dance History’ GV1589.D1 (H.Owen library)
Judith Mackrell : ‘Out of Line: the story of British New Dance’ 792.801MAC (Thomas Parry library)
Judith Mackrell : ‘Reading Dance’ 792.801MAC (Thomas Parry library)
Daniel Nagrin : ‘Dance and the Specific Image: improvisation’ GV1786.W67.N1 (H.Owen library)
Elizabeth Sherbon : ‘On the count of 1; Modern Dance Methods’ GV1763.S5.Qto (External Store)
M.Tufnell : ‘Body, Space, Image’ -also in Performing Arts Department office.
Linda Rickett-Young : Essential Guide to Dance’ 792.8RIC (Thomas Parry library)

‘Dance and Dancers’ (Outside Store) STORE PER GV1580.D1

Other interesting books :
Ramsay Burt : ‘Alien bodies; representations of modernity, ‘race’ and nation in early modern dance’ GV1595.B9 (H.Owen library)
Ric Allsopp & Scott de la Hunta : ‘Connected Body? An interdisciplinary approach to body and performance’
Jean Carroll & Peter Lofthouse : ‘Creative Dance for Boys’ STORE GV1798.C3 (Old College library: Store)
Gay Morris : ‘Moving Words: re-writing dance’ GV1600.M9 (H.Owen library)
Susan Sontag : ‘Dancers on a plane; Cage, Cunningham, Johns’ (In Memory of Their Feelings) NX504.D2 (H.Owen library)
Helen Thomas : ‘Dance, Modernity and Culture: explorations in the society of dance’

Dance, Film and Video Catalogue; supplement
National Research Centre for Dance; Surrey University REF 793.3016 DAN (Thomas Parry library)